A Very Successful ELT Workshop at MTs Birrul Walidain NW Rensing

KGI ELT Workshop at MTs Birrul Walidain NW Rensing (14/3/2015)

On 14 March, Greg Worrell, English Language Teaching (ELT) Specialist – Media and Communications, and Rahma Diana Sari (Ana), ELT Outreach Specialist – Training and Resources, facilitated an ELT workshop at MTs (Madrasah Tsanawiyah, or Islamic Junior Secondary School) Birrul Walidain in Rensing, East Lombok.

We were warmly welcomed by Mr. H. M. Zulfadli, the Head and Founder of the local organisation that manages the school, Yayasan Pondok Pesantren Birrul Walidain NW Rensing.

The workshop was opened by Mr. H. Muhammad Saleh, the Regional Madrasah Director from the Department of Religious Affairs, East Lombok. His kind words spoke of the importance of providing education for all children and the importance of schooling in the lives of all young people. He saw the workshop as a way of helping English teachers improve their skills and knowledge to benefit their students.

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This was followed by a heartfelt welcome from Mr. Nuruddin, the principal of the school. Mr. Nuruddin is a long-time supporter of Kang Guru Indonesia, having attended a presentation while he was a student, then as a teacher, and now as a principal. It is so inspiring to see an individual so committed to English learning and wanting the best for his students.

The ELT workshop was attended by 62 junior secondary school English teachers from the surrounding districts. It was great to see so many young teachers who were clearly keen to improve their skills in teaching. Ana took the morning session, leading the participants through a demonstration lesson on listening using the three stages of an activity: pre-listening, while listening and post-listening. This required groups of teachers to focus on the stages of a lesson and activities that can be included at each stage. Teachers took the roles of students with Ana as the teacher, which allowed participants to experience the activities as a student would. This was followed by a demonstration of how to use songs in the classroom. After a well-deserved lunch break, Greg demonstrated a reading activity using the three stages, followed by a session exploring how to use games and activities in the English language classroom to support the language learning process.

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Kang Guru Indonesia wishes to thank Mr. Nuruddin and the staff at MTs Birrul Walidain for organising and hosting a very successful workshop. Thanks also to the Australian Government for supporting this extremely worthwhile event.
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